Characteristics And Benefit For Zone Pay

  1. Zone Pay Payment system service 24 x 7 operating more than 100,000 transactions daily. Customers can enjoy the powerful functions accurately.
  2. Customers can make transactions directly to your merchant account services or by the customer. Without going through a third party. Or the bank We also have a security system to protect its customers’ business. Standard SSL
  3. Setting a business background, flexibility can be analyzed based on the time, card number, bank or turnover, data filtering to create a clear financial reporting different.
  4. We have our team technic to support in emergency case, Can solving the problem respond effectively and timely.


 Integration Procedure

Step 1 Beneficiary Bank Information

  • merchant can inquire the current beneficiary bank information by calling “ Inquire Beneficiary Bank Interface” after select a bank ( Please refer to part 4.2 )
  • Remark: Entity Data of bank information (including beneficiary bank details) will be returned after call the interface successfully

Step 2 Payment Method

  • Transfer method: It can be acquired from BankTransferMode attribute of returned bank details in step 1
  • Returned value explanation:1 Online banking;2 ATM;3 Counter.
  • Returned value format:E.g. 1,2,3(using comma to separate)
  • Payment mode:It can be acquired by calling “Inquire payment mode “interface. (please refer to part 4.3)
  • Returned value explanation: string type, 1 Bank account No.+Amount;2Transaction ID+Amount;3 Special Amount.
  • Returned value format:E.g. 1, 2, 3(using comma to separate)

Step 3 Submit Order

  • After fill in payer name, bank account No. & transaction amount, and then submit order information in step 2, you can submit order by calling “Order application Interface”.

Step 4 Receive The Push Result

  • Merchant needs to create webpage to receive the push result which is encrypted Json string. Merchant should decrypt the push result, deserialize Json data and then update to database. Merchant can call “Decrypt Data Pushing Interface” to decrypt data.
  • Remark: Merchant can view all above specific page code in demo.